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Howdy! 🤠

Until I build this thing back up, I can be found yelling into the void on Twitter about emojis, video games, and the State of Things. If you’d like, come say hello and yell back.

In the meantime, I have set up a BuyMeACoffee page. In the future, I intend to use it as the main place for posting content and creations. I do not intend on charging for or gating this regular content, but if folks felt so inclined, I did want to provide an easy way for people to say thanks with a single donation—even anonymously, both of which Patreon does not currently offer—and move on with their lives without needing to sign up or create an account.

Thanks for visiting. 👋

This is where the “under construction” GIF would go, so let’s settle for an emoji. 🚧


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